Friday, January 23

What you see is what you get

I classify myself as a intermediate newbie when it comes to Social Media as a means of marketing. Every time I feel like I've had a break through with this new means of marketing, I find something else that completely knocks me back a few paces. I am not alone though. This marketing with social media is so new, it is changing faster than the technology industry is. Yeah there are people out there that claim to be "experts" and they are peddling "expert advice" for a charge. I'm calling bullshit on these people.

Yeah there are people who may be more advanced in their knowledge of Social Media. But if anyone claims to be a "expert" turn and run! This medium is just too new for anyone to be that educated on it. It is changing daily and over confidence in this arena can be costly. Take for instance this story that, my colleague shared with me yesterday. James Andrews from Ketchum was on his way to FedEx to talk with the corporate communications folks about social media. Needless to say this expert blew it, before he even got there.

I am currently working on launching a systematic social media initiatives for the agency I work for. Our social media initiatives have been very organic in nature in the past. However, I am seeing more and more clients paying attention to what we are doing. I've even noticed a influx of professional relationships who are not only becoming friends of Renegade's Fan Page on facebook but are also friending me directly. This new dynamic that is developing in which my personal friends are being mixed in with my professional contacts, got me thinking...should I sensor?

No, I shouldn't! What you see is what you get. As I read today in my Get To The Point Brief "In all of our excitement over social-media tools—and how they work for us—we shouldn't forget what Twitter and Facebook mean..."


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