Monday, January 19

Keep Things Simple

I'm not one to get wrapped up in the ritual of creating New Years Resolutions. Mainly because I'm also not in the habit of setting myself up for failure. Most often I find New Years Resolutions to be exactly that - failures. I think this comes from the forced nature of having to choose a resolution for the New Year. Just like a drunk or drug addict, we aren't going to resolve to make the change until we are ready. If I am waiting until the New Year to make a change, then I really don't want to make a change in the first place.

That being said, I am announcing that moving forward I am resolving to Keep Things Simple. Now you could call this a New Years Resolution, but I would argue that it shouldn't be labeled as such just because of proximity to the beginning of the new year. Plus I plan on making a conscientious effort to Keep Things Simple from now on. The calendar has nothing to do with my resolve.

Why do I resolve to Keep Things Simple? As I reflect I see a pattern occurring more and more often these days in both my personal and professional life. I keep over complicating things; unnecessarily. This over complication I find brings on difficulty and stress that I would otherwise avoid if I just Kept Things Simple. Not to mention the additional work (time and energy) I create for myself.

So, I guess call it what you will...a New Years Resolution, a Promise, a Decree, a Deceleration. Just whatever you call it, please wish me well. It won't be easy.

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