Wednesday, January 28

Just Admit It. You Love Advertising.

Advertising, it is one of those things that everyone loves to hate. The 30 second commercial is often an uninvited interruption to a suspenseful story; fictitious or reality. If you have ever watched Deal or No Deal you know exactly what I mean. However, we would be foolish to abolish advertising and the 30 second commercial in our lives. For both bad and good advertising, provides mountains of entertainment and is often featured as the main topic of water cooler conversations. I'm not just saying this because I'm in the Advertising industry either.

Take for instance this recent spot for Heineken. It is highly entertaining and been causing quite the buzz on the internet. It was brought to my attention not by a peer in the industry, but a engineer. Who, I wouldn't classify as the typical advertising geek, but definitely someone who can appreciate a good alcoholic beverage and witty humor.

Or you can take for example the ShamWow! infomercials that have been seen everywhere! Personally, this infomercial is like nails or chalk board, I imagine it is for a lot of people. You know what, though? In the last week alone I have heard the local DJ talking about the "ShamWow! Guy", I've over heard a patron at the local bar talking about the "ShamWow! Guy" and it has come up in conversation at the office. I wonder if the impression the infomercial is making, is translating to sales?

So as CK points out in this Get To The Point newsletter. Use your DVR, but use it wisely. You don't want to miss out on the latest buzz.


P.S. This Sunday it is expected that 100 million viewers will tune in to watch the SuperBowl. Many will be tuning in not for the game but for the shock and awe of the 2009 debut ads. To prepare yourself, you should spend sometime reminiscing with the 2008 Superbowl Ads.

Tuesday, January 27

Avoiding The Afternoon Crash

You've experienced it. You've ate lunch so your belly is nice and full; maybe you are even working on something that is somewhat mundane. Next thing you know your eye lids are getting heavy and you are fighting to stay away. Hopefully you haven't had to tell your boss the old "I was just resting my eyes" excuse.

Thankfully, I have a serious caffeine addiction that causes me to suffer from a self induced case of insomnia. My problem isn't getting sleepy during the day, but rather not falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning and then dragging myself out of bed in time for the start of the day. So when I was asked what my solution was for the mid day crash, I was pretty much stumped.

Of course, though that got me thinking. What can you do to avoid the afternoon crash? True to form my thoughts started gravitating to things that would probably be frowned upon more than falling asleep at your desk: Mid-day Quickies, Afternoon Shots, etc. Now while, all of those things may seem like a great time your boss most likely will not approve.

We need work appropriate solutions! A quick visit to Google (I know...Google is evil) brought up suggestions regarding nutrition, exercise and sleep habits. All of which are pretty boring, obvious and require personal commitment. I was deflated, but not defeated. If nutrition, exercise and sleep are the key components to avoiding the afternoon crash; there has to be solutions that can be considered fun and exciting. has a interesting recommendation on one of thier recent blog posts; Sexercise me. While this blog was not written to avoid the afternoon crash, it combines my idea of afternoon quickies and exercise. So, I am recommending their suggestions as not only a way to go "harder, longer, stronger" in the bedroom, but at work as well.

Any fun and exciting suggestions you can find?


Monday, January 26

Google is evil

Google is evil.

Fine. I may be over reacting just a little and maybe it isn't all Google's fault. Google is just the messenger, anyway. All I am trying to say is that Google and the information age, have completely changed the way we live our lives and the amount of information we intentionally and unintentionally share. There are no more secrets.

Where is the mystery now?


Friday, January 23

What you see is what you get

I classify myself as a intermediate newbie when it comes to Social Media as a means of marketing. Every time I feel like I've had a break through with this new means of marketing, I find something else that completely knocks me back a few paces. I am not alone though. This marketing with social media is so new, it is changing faster than the technology industry is. Yeah there are people out there that claim to be "experts" and they are peddling "expert advice" for a charge. I'm calling bullshit on these people.

Yeah there are people who may be more advanced in their knowledge of Social Media. But if anyone claims to be a "expert" turn and run! This medium is just too new for anyone to be that educated on it. It is changing daily and over confidence in this arena can be costly. Take for instance this story that, my colleague shared with me yesterday. James Andrews from Ketchum was on his way to FedEx to talk with the corporate communications folks about social media. Needless to say this expert blew it, before he even got there.

I am currently working on launching a systematic social media initiatives for the agency I work for. Our social media initiatives have been very organic in nature in the past. However, I am seeing more and more clients paying attention to what we are doing. I've even noticed a influx of professional relationships who are not only becoming friends of Renegade's Fan Page on facebook but are also friending me directly. This new dynamic that is developing in which my personal friends are being mixed in with my professional contacts, got me thinking...should I sensor?

No, I shouldn't! What you see is what you get. As I read today in my Get To The Point Brief "In all of our excitement over social-media tools—and how they work for us—we shouldn't forget what Twitter and Facebook mean..."


Wednesday, January 21

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up?

I started in the Advertising Industry early. Earlier than most. While my high school classmates were partaking in the freedoms and wealth of knowledge that college life offers, I came down with mono and had to withdrawl from my classes. That was in November of 2000, by March of 2001 I was working in a Baltimore Agency as the Receptionist/Advertising Assistant. That is after I did a short stint as a short order cook. My second day on the job, the CEO sat me down and said "Julianna this is a business you will either love or hate. There is no in between. If you find that you don't like this business, you need to let me know." I'll never forget that conversation. I was scared to death. Here I was this 18 year old kid, and I just had entered the real workforce. At that moment it became all too clear to me; I had a lot to learn. Six months later, I knew exactly what he was talking about. Advertising is a industry that you will either love or hate, there is no "It's okay."

Advertising chose me. Sure, after high school I was pretty sure that I would pursue a career where I could be a graphic designer. Advertising is certainly the main industry to be in for that kind of work. I never ended up in the graphic design position though. Hence, why I say Advertising chose me.

I never gave much serious thought to the question "What do you want to be when you grow up?" It is one of the questions that I now ask everyone I interview. It is a question that really gets people to stop and think about the path they are on. Especially when you are asking a grown adult. I love advertising. I do, however, ask myself at times "If money wasn't a issue what would my imagination lead me to do?"

A good friend reminds me often that anything is possible as long as you have Money and Imagination. So I ask you, What do you want to be when you grow up? or If money wasn't a issue what would your imagination have you do?

Here is a short list of my possibilities:

  1. Elementary School Art Teacher
  2. Beach Bum
  3. Philanthropist
  4. Wetlands activist
  5. Creative Brothel Owner
  6. Motorcycle Dealer

Monday, January 19

Keep Things Simple

I'm not one to get wrapped up in the ritual of creating New Years Resolutions. Mainly because I'm also not in the habit of setting myself up for failure. Most often I find New Years Resolutions to be exactly that - failures. I think this comes from the forced nature of having to choose a resolution for the New Year. Just like a drunk or drug addict, we aren't going to resolve to make the change until we are ready. If I am waiting until the New Year to make a change, then I really don't want to make a change in the first place.

That being said, I am announcing that moving forward I am resolving to Keep Things Simple. Now you could call this a New Years Resolution, but I would argue that it shouldn't be labeled as such just because of proximity to the beginning of the new year. Plus I plan on making a conscientious effort to Keep Things Simple from now on. The calendar has nothing to do with my resolve.

Why do I resolve to Keep Things Simple? As I reflect I see a pattern occurring more and more often these days in both my personal and professional life. I keep over complicating things; unnecessarily. This over complication I find brings on difficulty and stress that I would otherwise avoid if I just Kept Things Simple. Not to mention the additional work (time and energy) I create for myself.

So, I guess call it what you will...a New Years Resolution, a Promise, a Decree, a Deceleration. Just whatever you call it, please wish me well. It won't be easy.

Friday, January 16

Baltimore Ravens 2008-2009 Season

In honor of Purple Friday I have posted a bunch of pictures to my flickr account from last weekend's Ravens Titans Game!

Now it is time to kick some Steeler _ _ _!

Thursday, January 15

We are all addicts

30.1 million viewers tuned in on Tuesday night for the season debut of American Idol. A 10% drop, according to the Associated Press from the 2008 season. My initial reaction is good, maybe America is becoming wiser. Maybe, we are spending less time high on the good old "Boob Tube". Then reality sets in, I find this video:

Proof that America isn't getting any better with it's addiction to Media. Nope we are just finally starting to hit rock bottom!


P.S. Was anyone else appalled that the person who runs wardrobe for American Idol let Ryan Seacrest dress on last nights airing like a faded picture of my father from the 70s?

Tuesday, January 13

A Productive Time Of Year (Series 1 of 5)

It is that time of year (at least in Maryland) where everything slows down a bit more that usual. The only thing that stills seems to speed up is time. The months go by faster, the days are shorter, so on and so forth. This always seems to create a inner turmoil for me. It confuses me in a sense. Not like "I can't tell if that is a boy or a girl" confusion. More like one minute I am totally relaxed and smelling the roses and the next minute I'm thinking to myself "Oh shit, where did the time go. I am so behind on xyz."

I feel like this confusion is reflected in how I communicate and act. Those around me must think I am somewhat of a manic. Case in point...this blog post. I started this post to let you know that since starting my 101 in 1001, I've never felt more accomplished. So maybe it is a focus thing...maybe I loose focus in the winter.

I am going to stop rambling now and share with you my latest accomplishments in regards to my
101 in 1001. P.S. I'd love to hear how yours is coming along :)

5. Read 10 books in 10 consecutive weeks (4/10)

So on Friday December 26th I started reading Twilight. (Yes, that is the book about the vampire that all the 12 year old girls are going gaga after.) So, I am ashamed and proud (there is that confusion thing again) to admit that I couldn't put it down. In fact, I finished it by 4pm on the 26th and went right out to the bookstore and bought new moon and eclipse. Well by January 3rd, I had finished the whole series. That's 4 books in 8 days.

Since finishing the Twilight series, I have started reading the Sookie Stackhouse books and Shock Doctrine. I've also bought The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty and Islands of the Blue Dolphins.

Note to Self: After I finish my Productive Time of Year Series I should write some book reviews.

Friend or Foe?

So tell you come in peace? Or are you on some sort of reconnaissance mission?

Yes, I mean you.


P.S. I don't bite. Well maybe a little. ;)