Tuesday, November 23

Holiday Greetings from Us

As we approach the Holiday Season (Well I guess it is here), I look back over the last 12 months. And BOY have we accomplished many things to be proud of. Which, gets me thinking...I need to step it up with this years holiday card. Typically, we purchase our holiday card from the American Humane Society. This year however, we have a FAMILY to share. Not that ours wasn't family before, but now we are three. A generic card just will not do.

Luckily for us, Shutterfly is running a free holiday card promotion this year. Now we just need to decide do we go with a super cool Story Card? Or to we keep it simple with a Photo Card? Each has its benefits. This year was a BIG year so we could tell the story with a Story Card; or we could choose a favorite picture that everyone will be able to keep forever. Decisions, Decisions?

What do you think?