Tuesday, January 27

Avoiding The Afternoon Crash

You've experienced it. You've ate lunch so your belly is nice and full; maybe you are even working on something that is somewhat mundane. Next thing you know your eye lids are getting heavy and you are fighting to stay away. Hopefully you haven't had to tell your boss the old "I was just resting my eyes" excuse.

Thankfully, I have a serious caffeine addiction that causes me to suffer from a self induced case of insomnia. My problem isn't getting sleepy during the day, but rather not falling asleep until the wee hours of the morning and then dragging myself out of bed in time for the start of the day. So when I was asked what my solution was for the mid day crash, I was pretty much stumped.

Of course, though that got me thinking. What can you do to avoid the afternoon crash? True to form my thoughts started gravitating to things that would probably be frowned upon more than falling asleep at your desk: Mid-day Quickies, Afternoon Shots, etc. Now while, all of those things may seem like a great time your boss most likely will not approve.

We need work appropriate solutions! A quick visit to Google (I know...Google is evil) brought up suggestions regarding nutrition, exercise and sleep habits. All of which are pretty boring, obvious and require personal commitment. I was deflated, but not defeated. If nutrition, exercise and sleep are the key components to avoiding the afternoon crash; there has to be solutions that can be considered fun and exciting.

Bthesite.com has a interesting recommendation on one of thier recent blog posts; Sexercise me. While this blog was not written to avoid the afternoon crash, it combines my idea of afternoon quickies and exercise. So, I am recommending their suggestions as not only a way to go "harder, longer, stronger" in the bedroom, but at work as well.

Any fun and exciting suggestions you can find?


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