Wednesday, April 1

Lessons in being unemployed: Lesson #1

The last time I was out of work I was eighteen. I have never had to looked for a job, so I can meet my responsibilities (i.e. pay the bills, feed my dogs). On March 10th I joined the ranks of the nations unemployed. Someone once told me that “everyone needs to go through the experience of being let go to truly understand the situation.” The “situation” being what it is like to be unemployed; as well as, what it is like to be employed. At that time, I thought they were just excusing a blemish in their past. I laugh at my naive reaction, now.

It has been learning experience to say the least. I've learned a few things about myself. My perspective on things has changed slightly. Most importantly though, my appreciation for those I surround myself with has sky rocketed.

A main career objective has always been to apply my knowledge and skill set to a job; in trade for the opportunity to learn new things. An opportunity I am always grateful for. Through my career I have kept my sights closely aimed to make sure I was constantly gaining this knowledge. Until now, I never realized the true gift I was receiving was not the knowledge, but the people.

After I was let go from Renegade I was headed home, not really sure what to do with myself for the rest of the afternoon. Until my cell phone rang; Kate was calling to see what I was doing. Kate was the Post Production Supervisor at Renegade, and was also let go the same day. I immediately changed my course and to meet Kate for lunch. Suddenly, I realized I wasn’t alone.

Lesson #1: In this economy those people who can count themselves among the unemployed are not alone. We should recognize that and work together to reach our goals.


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Julianna Hawk Wittig said...

Please share your stories in the comment section about how you've experienced unemployed people working together.

My most recent story:
I am proud to say that by making sure I check in with my fellow unemployed colleagues, I was able to introduce a friend of mine to his next job. I had spent a very nice lunch meeting with the owner of a company about a need she was looking to fill. The position wasn't going to be a good fit for me. The next day when I was checking in with my friend, I realized the position was exactly what he was looking for. I made the introduction, he interviewed, and his first day was yesterday.

Congratulations Coco Puff!