Wednesday, February 25

Meet the Dogs

I recently received a joke from someone that spoke of a wife's love for her husband versus a dog's love for his best friend. I'm not going to try and re-tell it; I would just butcher it. It finished with something on the line of telling the husband to lock his wife and his dog in the trunk of his car, wait 4 hours and then let them out. He would then be able to tell which one loved him more, by the one that would be happy to see him. A dog's love and admiration is everlasting; which is probably why I have four of them. I'd like you meet them...

A. Grips
aka. Grippers, Pippers, Fatty Patty, Yellow Butt, Feather Butt

Grips is my alpha dog. She is the second oldest and The Queen.
She runs her house with a firm paw. Taking a passive approach to her
alpha status. Letting her brothers "think" they are alpha. But let them
step out of line, and she will be first to put them in the place. A true woman.

B. Sprocket
aka. Spicket, Sprocket the Piss Rocket, Sprocket Tucker.

Sprocket is my baby. He is the oldest and often reminisces
about the time when it was only him. There isn't a day that goes by that I can
almost hear him saying to me, "Mom come on lets just get our own place.
Remember how nice it was when it was just me."

C. Pegs
aka. The Bitch, The Devil Reincarnated, Piggy,
Piggy Wiggy, Piggers, Peggy, Little Miss Piggy.

Pegs is the second youngest at 3 years and weighs in at around 50lbs.
She is our spoiled brat, she doesn't hold the nickname The Devil for nothing.
If it wasn't for the fact that she is our hunting dog I am sure
we would have taken her to that famous farm that all bad dogs go to.

D. Drake
aka. Drakers, Snookems and Larry.

Drake is the youngest and the largest. He is our problem child.
Drake is the result of a broken puppy hood. After spending time in a abusive
home and then some time as a stray he ended up at Lab Rescue.
He was supposed to just be a foster dog for us. However, he quickly stole
my husband's heart and everything else since. Including 4lbs of raw
pork loin. While Drake is a fear bitter he is the sweetest dog on the earth.
Just don't show that you afraid of him or anything else for that matter.


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