Monday, February 16

Neighborhood Bars

When my husband and I were buying our second house the neighborhood bar was right up there with a bathroom in regards to "must haves". A necessity, for those of us that grew up watching Cheers "Where everybody knows your name" and where no family gathering was complete with out a room full of drunken relatives.

So in honor of those places that make you want to put a beer bucket on your head, I have compiled a list of my top places to throw back a cold one, in Maryland. Enjoy!

  1. Bruce Bitner's Cafe & Grill
    Located in Harford County on Rt 22 across from the community college. Bruce Bitner's embodies the true meaning of a neighborhood bar. Not only, does everyone know your name they have a killer burger, wing, and beer special from 1 - 4 on Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Cross Street Market
    Located on Cross Street in Federal Hill. While, technically not a bar this is my all time favorite place to throw back a 22 oz beer and eat my self silly on sushi, raw oysters, Alaskan crab legs, and shrimp. Not to mention the patrons of Cross Street are such an diverse group there is always a new and interesting character to meet.

  3. Harborside Bar & Grille
    Located on the harbor side (hence the name) in Ocean City. Chock full of drinking establishments for the pleasure seeking patron, Ocean City has much to offer. Harborside always proves to be a favorite drinking hole, ecspecially with their honor of being the birth place and home of the Orange Crush.

  4. Looney's Pub North
    Located in Bel Air, MD. Looney's North is the prime establishment to listen to a local or not so local band, while catching the game on any one of their many many televisions. Not to even mention their St. Patty's Day Celebration. I didn't move for two days after St. Patty's day and two shots of Jameson Whiskey one year.

  5. Nick's Fish House
    Located at the Baltimore Yacht Basin. Nick's Fish House is the perfect stop on a weekend excursion. While I can't say I've ever stayed long at Nick's I always enjoy the time we spend there. The atmosphere can't be beat plus no matter what I always seem to run into good friends.

  6. Riverwatch
    Located in Middle River. Riverwatch will always be my neighborhood bar at heart. At the Riverwatch you can see a couple in their sixties bumping and grinding on the dance floor, or during the warm season you can finish out your weekend with boats, bikes and live music. Any which way you can't go wrong with the Riverwatch.

  7. Ropewalk Tavern
    Located in Federal Hill, Ropewalk Tavern is a must visit. The Ropewalk's offering of beer choice is only shadowed by it's offering of cigar choices. This bar is complete with loft, piano, wooden Indians, and the ability to get your M.B.A. Master of Beer Appreciation.

  8. The Emerald Tavern
    Located in Parkville on Harford Road. The Emerald Tavern is another bar that has the neighborhood thing down right. Thursday's is wing night and I've never been inside and haven't ran into the most unexpected people. They put on a pretty killer St. Patty's celebration too.

  9. Torino's Bar & Grill
    Located in Bel Air, Torino's Bar & Grill holds my official neighborhood bar status. Not only do they offer $1.50 Miller Lites on Saturdays, but they offer karaoke on Friday and kick ass food any other day of the week. If you visit I recommend their micro brew called One and Done. I drank one and was definitely done.

So I raise my glass to Neighborhood Bars, without you life would be a whole lot less interesting. Plus, I wouldn't have a reason to put a bucket on my head.


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