Friday, April 10

Reasons to <3 Maryland

Well maybe it is only one reason, but it takes the cake! The "crab" cake that is. Growing up in Maryland a weekend full of warm sunshine, water, chicken necks, crab pots, docks, beer, sweet tea (for the kids), newspaper, little wooden mauls, butter knives, and Maryland Blue Crabs is tradition. Just like whiskey and women were tradition for the Williams family. An open season on the tradition came rolling in this April 1st, no foolin'.

As the Baltimore Sun tells it, Maryland Waterman are holding their breath as we enter the 2009 season. Hoping and praying that the female crab population has rebounded. Most recently the Maryland Blue Crab population has continued to see hardship with each year being worse than the last. But no doom and gloom here! As a one who knows how to appreciate a good pot of steamed crabs, I have my sleeves rolled up butter knife in my right hand and a cold beer in the left. I hope you fellow Marylanders will join me for good company and good crabs!

As Richard's Seafood in Bel Air, Maryland puts is a rite of passage!


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