Thursday, April 16

Pennsylvania, a Southern State? No.

As Maryland native with southern roots, I have often been part of the ongoing debate on whether or not Maryland is considered a Southern state. The argument typically falls between, a Marylander and someone from a tried and true Dixie state with a slow drawl in their speech. Typically, the argument ends with the Mason Dixon line which essentially divides the country in two. The Mason Dixon line also just so happens to run directly along the border of Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Which is why I could not help but chuckle to myself as I was traveling North on I-95 today and was passed by this truck.

It is hard to tell in this photo, but "The Southern Company" is apparently located in Willow Grove, PA. Apparently, no one was around to slap the owner of "The Southern Company" upside his/her head when he/she was naming the company.

How is it handled when the name of the company is partaking in false advertising?


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