Sunday, January 20

In search of inspiration

More and more it has become harder for me to get inspired or excited about anything. Can someone become an addict to inspiration? I feel like a junkie that is constantly searching for the next inspirational high. When I don't find it, I can't help but feel severely disappointed, irritated and unsuccessful. It has gotten so bad, I am obsessive to the point where I can’t go to sleep until I pass out.

I want to make snow angels in the nude up at the local elementary school. Just to feel the sting of the snow on my ass.

Somebody inspire me…please

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ups and downs. That's the thrill ride we come wailing in to. In the end, you'll be okay. As long as you don't catch hypothermia.

To hell with it. Make a snowman, then kick it down. Very cathartic.